Reliastar Life Insurance Company

ReliaStar Life Insurance Company was established in 1988 in Minnesota while it offered life and health insurance cover for people who were over 80 years. Since then, it has seen much growth to include a wider range of products and services. In 2000 it was acquired by the ING group, a giant company with long history of more than 150 successful years in the business. It still offers some of its original services; this is why you will get the widest range of retirement services, annuities and so on. The company is a full subsidiary of the ING group and it is registered in all states as well as officially in the District of Columbia so as to ensure it reaches all Americans and even beyond with its amazing services.

Reliastar Life Insurance Company

If credibility is your main concern, you have even a stronger reason for joining the ReliaStar Life Insurance Company. This is because the insurance company belongs to the Insurance Marketplace Standards Association being a certified member of this prestigious association. In addition to that, the association ensures and promotes good market ethics for all its member insurance companies. Currently the asset value of the insurance stands slightly in excess of $20 billion besides total liabilities that are close to the asset value in amount and a net life insurance value of $461 billons.

If you are seeking for basic or supplemental insurance products, contact ReliaStar Insurance Company. The company will serve you of all your needs in this area. Some of the products under this category include the term life insurance which is very popular with many people, the universal life insurance as well as variable life insurance. You have the freedom to choose on the product that will fit your needs as all the products are very flexible and everyone can virtually fit in them.

Other than the individual insurance policies, the ReliaStar Insurance Company also offers group life insurance service and benefits associated with it. This service is designed to help many employers give coverage which is essential to maintain quality employees at a minimal cost. Most employers tend to seek and settle on a flexible and cost saving plan that will allow wide insurance selections for the employees and other dependants. Such a plan would be ideal in providing group rates and will certainly reduce the financial pressures that are likely to mount on the staffs. The insurance company will provide you with the best ever service in this area no matter how small or big your business is.

Some of the popular group insurance services offered by the ReliaStar Insurance Company include the group annual term life insurance which comes with disability income and the voluntary insurance products. Some of the voluntary insurance products include universal, portable term, whole, and portable universal life insurance policies and many more. You will not waste much time in trying to get to get any service from this insurance company as it has applied the latest technology in providing its services on the many products. You will also get online tools that will be helpful in keeping track of your benefits as a consumer